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Discover the Edulis at the heart of the Hydra Végétal range.

The Edulis – Shedding light on a plant with marvelous hydrating powers. Discover this active ingredient at the heart of the Hydra Végétal range.

Our botanists and phyto-analysts have found the best vegetal solution to meet the challenge of skin hydration. After thorough research, they turned to Edulis, a plant that contains a powerful hydrating active ingredient: cellular water.

Originally from South Africa, this plant is now found along the coasts of many regions worldwide. Yves Rocher’s plant biology laboratories chose to establish their own Edulis cultivation in the brand’s native lands, in La Gacilly, Brittany, starting from 2012.

Yves Rocher Research has turned to Edulis to meet a challenge: deeply hydrating your skin. Our Hydra Végétal range, enriched with Edulis Cellular Water, is ideal for plump skin and a fresh complexion.