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Which facial care is right for me?

Guided by bio-inspiration, we draw inspiration from what nature does best to provide a tailored response to every skin need.

Depending on your skin type, prefer light textures for combination to oily skin. Richer textures are suitable for dry and dehydrated skin.

Here are some tips to identify your skin type:

Normal to dry skin: If your skin is soft and smooth, without imperfections, and your complexion is radiant, you have normal to dry skin. The most suitable Yves Rocher range is Hydra Végétal.

Combination to oily skin: Examine your T-zone, namely the forehead, nose, and chin. If it shines, a sign of excess sebum, but your cheeks are dry, your skin is combination to oily. The Sebo Végétal range is highly recommended.

Oily and blemished skin: If your skin texture is dull and uneven, and you notice the presence of blackheads, you have oily and blemished skin. Use the Sebo Végétal range to treat and rebalance the excess sebum responsible for these issues.

Sensitive skin: If your skin peels, feels tight, and is irritated, your skin is considered sensitive. To soothe it, choose the Pure Camomille range.

Dull skin: Opt for Bright Botanical to combat spots and reveal the natural radiance of your skin.

Mature skin: If you notice the presence of wrinkles, a loss of firmness, and sagging skin, your skin is considered mature. There are different types of care:

If your wrinkles are pronounced, adopt the Filler Végétal range.

If your skin is dry and your wrinkles are very marked, opt for the Riche Crème range.