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L’Évidence – the new perfume by Yves Rocher. A story of freedom, the freedom to leave your mark for a better world.

L’Évidence is a luminous neo-chypre perfume centered around the Magnolia Flower, refreshed by a juicy Peach, and enveloped in comforting Patchouli. These carefully chosen ingredients intertwine in a creation that completes the Évidence range.

The upcycled Peach comes from juice production, helping to limit environmental impact by revalorizing fruit waste. Through an exclusive and revolutionary extraction process that captures the real scent of fresh plants, a peach alcoholate with delicious fresh and juicy notes is obtained.

Magnolia flowers symbolize beauty, and distilling their petals produces an exceptional essence with feminine and luminous notes.

Patchouli is one of the iconic raw materials in perfumery. It is sustainably harvested on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, a prime location for this crop. Its specific scent develops when the leaves are dried and take on golden hues. An essential oil with both woody and sensual notes can then be extracted. This supply chain adopts regenerative agricultural practices and leads several socio-economic development projects for the benefit of local communities.

French master perfumers Sonia Constant and Marion Costero express their vision of their wonderful creation: “We imagined a fresh and luminous perfume, a neo-chypre centered around the Magnolia flower refreshed by the velvety softness of upcycled peach and enveloped in a powerful and comforting base of Patchouli for a positive and confident woman.”

As a committed brand, Yves Rocher has created a bottle that reduces its footprint and limits itself to the essentials. The bottle is lighter in glass, and the cardboard packaging is FSC certified, without plastic film. Both the bottle and the case are fully recyclable.