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Jojoba – here’s everything you must know

Jojoba – here’s everything you must know about this highly amazing ingredient known for its nourishing and regenerating properties!

Jojoba is a tree particularly well-suited to arid regions, thriving in full sunlight and growing in poor soils. Jojoba seeds are harvested once they have fallen to the ground and contain over 60% of liquid wax, commonly referred to as “Jojoba oil.”

To ensure a regular and high-quality supply of Jojoba oil, regardless of the season and climatic conditions, Yves Rocher laboratories rely on Jojoba cultivation in three countries: Argentina, Peru, and Israel.

Thanks to their unique knowledge of the plant world, our Researchers Botanical Beauty have chosen organic Jojoba, known for the incredible richness of its oil with restorative properties.

Damaged hair is often linked to the nature of the hair itself but also to the multiple external aggressions they undergo: frequent detangling, use of heating devices, chemical treatments, repeated coloring, etc. Hair weakens, becomes damaged, and turns brittle and rough. More vulnerable, they split more easily, scales peel off, and they become dull.

Rich in fatty acids such as Omega 6 and 9, Jojoba oil has a composition close to sebum. It intensely nourishes dry and brittle hair, restoring shine and flexibility. Thanks to its richness, it repairs damaged hair, making them more resistant to future aggressions.

Discover all the benefits of Jojoba in our hair care products for Repair – Shampoo and Conditioner, Protective Serum, Repairing Balms – give strength and vitality back to your hair.