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Exquisite Fragrances to Celebrate Eid

What better way to evoke memories and please than with a perfume? Created by the greatest noses of French perfumery, Yves Rocher perfumes draw their inspiration from nature.

When choosing a perfume, for oneself or for someone else, one decides on their olfactory signature. A true revealer of personality and character, it is a sensory imprint that leaves memories and evokes emotions.

Yves Rocher eau de toilette, fresh water, and perfume, as well as body lotions and shower gels, invite you to escape thanks to their inspiration drawn from nature. But how do you choose?

It is interesting to know that a perfume is structured with notes, which are distributed in a pyramid: the olfactory pyramid of a perfume. At the top are the top notes. Volatile, these are the ones you smell first. Then come the heart notes that perfume throughout the day. And finally, there are the base notes that are heavier and evaporate slowly.

With all these notes, the perfumer composes and creates a unique, harmonious, and sensual ensemble.

Good to know: For the production of its perfumes, Yves Rocher Laboratories select plant-based raw materials from responsible supply chains. In an ideal of respect for nature and the planet, the bottles are made of glass – therefore infinitely recyclable –, and the boxes are FSC certified (a certification that promotes ecological, social, and economic management of forests).