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Protect our planet.

We’re in 2020! What if for this new decade we put concrete actions in place to protect our planet? Here are 4 eco-responsible tips that we can all apply on a daily basis.

1. Let’s limit our water consumption

Showers, baths, washing dishes etc. are part of our daily routine and these actions consume several litres of drinking water per day. Limiting our time under the shower, not letting the water run unnecessarily, getting into the habit of turning off the taps when brushing our teeth and using buckets to wash our cars are sure to make a difference.

2. Let’s limit our energy consumption

Let’s get into the habit of turning off lights, fans and air conditioners when leaving a room and making the most of natural light. Turning electronic devices off instead of putting them on standby and optimising the use of the washing machine by using short cycles at low temperatures reduces your energy consumption and your bills!

3. Choose public transport or non-polluting transport

Public transportation and carpooling are more eco-friendly than driving individual cars and they also allow us to save money. Don’t forget to walk for short distances or use a bike, it’s good for your health and for the planet!

4. Let’s adopt the 3Rs

Reduce – The best waste is waste which is not produced. Reducing waste at its source is the most effective solution for reducing its quantity.

Reuse – Repair, transform, give or sell what we no longer use. For example, paper printed on one side can be used as draft paper, clothes that are too small can be given and many objects can be repaired – by doing so we extend the life of these objects!

Recycle – More than half of household waste is made from raw materials that can be recycled. By composting our organic waste we create a natural fertilizer and we limit our environmental impact. By disposing of glass, plastic, cans etc. in recycling points we contribute to their revaluation.

And remember, acting alone is great. But acting together is even better!